Every wedding ceremony is unique. Reflecting your Love Story, the right music is key to creating this magical union.

From your walk down the aisle to your exit as a newlywed couple, there are beautiful music choices to opt from: a modern Gospel Choir, a String Quartet playing contemporary love songs as classic compositions, a pianist or a harpist….

We provide you with the perfect music at every stage of your ceremony with an elegant touch of romance.


The type of music played during the Cocktail will depend on the ambience you wish to create. Whilst a jazz trio generally fosters a relaxed spirit, a modern string quartet gives a touch of sophistication. Others would prefer a “lounge” tailor-made playlist to keep the live performance an exclusivity for the Dinner and make a big impact! Looking for a creative ways to charm your guests, our spectacularly dressed performers will guaranty a sense of excitement and refinement for your cocktail!



We imagine together the ideal entrance for you that reflects your spirit as a couple. If you like to create an atmosphere that is romantic, lively, sophisticated or lighthearted, we are dedicated to bringing together our expertise and talented artists to make it memorable.

It could be an inspiring song that brings back beautiful memories, violinists dispersed throughout diner tables that sends shivers down your guests’ spine or a “percu show” to get the blood pumping and builds excitement for the party to come.


“Music is the universal language of celebration and love” revealing the beauty and uniqueness of your Love Story.

During the Dinner, our world class singers will interpret beautiful and romantic love ballads and keep on with interactive acoustics how to lift up the energy. With several artistic staging, we create the perfect atmosphere for your guests to enjoy their and social moments while enjoying themselves.


Turn your Dinner in to a memorable party with one of our configurations!

Our talented team of singers, musicians and performers bring the thrills of performance. They will keep the party alive and energized until the end of the night.


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